How I Weaned Myself Off Money: 5 Tips to Cut Back on Spending

How I Weaned Myself Off Money:  5 Tips to Cut Back on Spending


Let me start off by saying I have always loved going to stores and hitting up that clearance section!  That feeling you get when the cashier tells you how much you saved.  Amazing!  Even more I loved getting a package in the mail, something you didn’t even remember was coming.  Like a makeup subscription!  All these little “good feeling” moments had to end.

Here is my first (of many lists) on how I stopped spending and started becoming the budget advocate I am today.


1.  Unnecessary monthly subscriptions. Did I really need a new little pouch every month containing random makeup items I will never use?  Did I really need a monthly subscription to a magazine I only used for the recipes?  It may only be $10 (or more) per month, overtime small amounts add up.   I eliminated 3 monthly subscriptions.  The total was $25.00/month, that’s $300 per year.  I felt better already!


2. Too many trips to the store. I was frequenting stores on my lunch, “Just to look” I always told myself.  Then I would see a great deal, which was every time, that a girl like me could not pass up.  Cha-Ching$$$…. Another purchase.  Solution!  I stopped going to stores.  I started walking on my lunches, or staying in and reading.  Plus, once you find a great book you will want to start staying in.  One of my favorite series is Calendar Girl.  Not only was I saving money, I was making myself a better individual.


3. Saying “No” to my kiddos. This one took the most time to get used to.  I am a spoiler.  I love giving my children a reason to have adorable smiles on those adorable faces.  However, one item per kid every time we went anywhere was getting out of control.  My donations to Goodwill were becoming too frequent.  Tears were shed, money was saved and everyone adapted to the new system.


4. Eating out less.  I enjoy trying new restaurants.  Making lunch plans with friends.  Even grabbing something quick on my way home from work so I don’t have to make dinner.  Over time this added up and I eliminated eating out.  My only exception was for special occasions.


5. Avoid online and in home parties.  These have become a staple.  Everyone has friends that are selling something or hosting a party to sell something.  From the leggings, you must have because they are a unicorn, to hitting $50 so you can get another necklace half off (that you do not need).  Don’t feel bad for not attending or clicking CAN’T GO.  The best part about clicking can’t go, you do not receive the notifications.


This is just the beginning!  I have utilized many strategies within my household to cut back on spending.  First step was starting with myself.  Thank you and happy reading!

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