Budget Friendly Easter Basket Tips

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Budget Friendly Easter Basket Tips

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The other day I was at the store and noticed the transition from Valentines to Easter candy was happening. Crazy how early everything is placed to start the temptations for adults and kiddos.

Well I thought as Easter quickly approaches I would share some of the ways I save on my little ones Easter Baskets.  Here is a quick list of budget friendly Easter basket ideas I use in my home.


1. Reusable Basket.  Year after year I use the same basket for my little ones.  I find a nice woven willow basket from the beginning and never need to do the run around at the store for a new one.

I think the woven ones look nicer and you can be creative decorating them to your liking, if you choose.  Added Bonus the basket will become a keepsake.  Here are some great options:  Dark Brown, White, Light Brown









2. Save those plastic eggs.  I have been using the same eggs for years.  I refuse to by a new bag of them every year.

My collection consists of all different sizes and colors thanks to grandparents, friends and even from my little ones school.  No need to throw them away.  Reuse!!!


3.  Filling your own eggs.  I know it is alluring to buy those pre-filled eggs.  But just say no!  It is way more fun and cost efficient to fill them yourself.

There is also no need to fill them all with candy and money.  Be creative!  Little notes and jokes go a long way.


4.  Add something they need.  I always try to incorporate something my child needs in their basket.

This way I am purchasing an item I already was going to.  Whether it’s new markers or a new baseball glove.


5.  No need to over fill or buy the biggest basket.  The smaller the basket the less space you have to fill.

Bonus:  A smaller basket is easier to hide!



I hope you are able to use some of these ideas for your child’s Easter basket.  For more great ways to save please sign up for my free newsletter and follow A Dash of Motherhood on Facebook or Pinterest!


Thank you and happy ready.






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18 thoughts on “Budget Friendly Easter Basket Tips

  1. Cute tips! Reusing the plastic eggs is a good one! This will be the first time we truly celebrate Easter with our little guy so I am excited to gather ideas! & these are really helpful, thanks for sharing!

  2. Great List!! I do all of these things 🙂 Something else I do is go to the store the day AFTER Easter and buy all the candy/trinkets/etc for the next year’s baskets. Saves a FORTUNE and all that candy is good for the next year anyway (check the chocolate dates because those sometimes don’t last a whole year).

    1. Great Tip! And very true. I have purchased chocolate the day after Valentines Day and since we do not eat a lot of candy, it expired before we even opened the package.

  3. What a great list of items! This year, I am thinking about getting something really cute for my two nephews. One is 10 and the other is barely over 1. Maybe quarters in eggs for the 10 year old and a cute little stuffed animal for the little guy 🙂

  4. Great tips that make perfect sense. I used to always fill my daughter’s baskets with a small toy, candy, and some sort of clothing she needed. Now I get to do the same thing for my granddaughter! Such fun! Oh, and plastic easter eggs are great fun for bathtub play for the little ones as well. 🙂

  5. Love these ideas!! Unfortunately, I can not reuse the basket my autistic child has a melt down every time I try to reuse anything. LOL but I will do everything else!! And yes everything comes out in the stores way to early! Their is no time to breath between holidays anymore!

  6. I enjoyed reading your post! I am a true believer of DIY baskets! I have been buying and filling them myself for about 6 years now. And like you said, including something the kids need is great!

  7. Great advice!
    I love reusing the basket! …If only I could keep track of the ones I’ve purchased for my daughter over the years 😉
    My mom reused my basket every year. I usually got a bag of candy, and something that I needed at the time.

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