Friday is PAY DAY: A.K.A Bill Day

Friday is PAY DAY:  A.K.A Bill Day


I pay bills before even thinking of spending funds anywhere else.  I get them out of the way and out of my mind.  I choose not to say, “Next week I will make that payment” or “That one isn’t due for weeks, it can wait”.  BILLS COME FIRST!  If you have this set in stone and don’t make excuses, financial stress begins to fade.  We are all creatures of habit.  I choose to have a healthy financial habit!

Every Friday morning I pay bills.  Not the most exciting thing to do on pay day, but it needs to be done.  I try to make the experience as pleasurable as possible.  I pour myself a fresh cup of coffee, sit at my desk and relax.  I never pay bills on any other day of the week.  There is no need for me to worry about bills when I have a set calendar for “Friday Bill Day” as I refer to it.  If you would like an example of my calendar I have included it below.  For a blank copy, sign up for my free newsletter, I attach a blank printable calendar every month!

Each Friday funds are transferred from our main accounts (the accounts our pay comes in) and go directly into our joint bill account.  From there the fun begins.

I look at my monthly bill calendar to see what is due. I pay everything with online banking so I am not signing into 5 different places or writing 5 different checks.  Online banking is your friend if you learn how to use it.

First I send out all necessary payments.  After this is completed I have my new balance.  In a perfect world all my payments are set up by me and pull when I choose.  This is not the case for certain situations.  Some items are set up automatically.  I have included those on my calendar.  I check the following week to see if any automatic payments are set to pull.  If there happens to be a payment I subtract the amount from my balance.



Warning:  I suggest never setting up something like Xbox, or a gym membership to pull directly from your bank account.  Always use a credit/debit card or a gift card.  This way it can easily be stopped if needed.



Ahhhh… at last, I can focus on the leftover funds.  I take a peek at next week Friday, on my calendar, to see what bills are needing to be paid.  I grab the total of those payments and jot it down.  Since we transfer set amounts weekly, I can easily figure out how much I will need the following week for payments.  If the total for bills outweighs the amount set to transfer next Friday I know I need to leave funds in the account.

After I have figured out the amount I will need to carry over for the following Friday I can make a transfer to a savings account.  Sometimes the amount I need to carry over is a big fat 0 and I do a little happy dance in my head!  Besides a transfer to savings, once a month I pay extra towards principle. You can see this on my example calendar.  This usually falls on the same day I pay the mortgage.

Now that I am completed with “Friday Bill Day” I reward myself with yet another fresh cup of coffee!


How I figured out our set amounts transferred on Friday’s:

I figured out our set amounts by adding up all our bills in a month and dividing it by 4. Four Fridays a month is typically how it works out. By having the set amounts transferred in on Friday I know what I will have to work with each Friday.  Now my spouse and I do not share our main checking account.  We have a system in place where we have separate accounts.  Please refer to Sharing Accounts: Why We Don’t Share Our Main Checking Accounts for more information.


If you have any questions about my calendar or how I break everything down.  Please feel free to contact me!


This information is provided as an opinion.  Please seek a financial adviser before making any financial decisions.  Thank you and happy budgeting!

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One thought on “Friday is PAY DAY: A.K.A Bill Day

  1. This is a great idea. I gave major bill anxiety, but if I followed a routine like you have, I would feel much better about it!!! Awesome post!

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