How I Weaned Myself Off Money: 5 More Tips to Cut Back on Spending

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How I Weaned Myself Off Money:  5 More Tips to Cut Back on Spending

In my previous post, How I weaned myself off Money: 5 Tips to Help You Cut Back on Spending, I gave a listing of some of the ways I started to save money.  Budgeting can be thrilling as much as it can be extinguishing.  I have moments of weakness just like anyone else.  My buyers remorse will strike full force.  I have to remind myself constantly: the feeling I get when making a purchase was good but the feeling I get seeing my savings account grow is way more rewarding.  Now that I am further into my weaning off process I have less of a hard time looking at the bigger picture.  I’ve gotten used to not eating out as much.  I only go into stores when I need to.  All these little steps taken have made me financially stronger.

I have been learning more about myself during this process, discovering what truly matters.  My goals have become more clear.  I wanted to share a few goals I have thought out and am currently working towards.

Current Monthly Goals

Myself This Month: Walking at least 3 times a week and reading more often.  I am not getting any smaller since there is a baby growing inside of me.  I need to stop making excuses and move.

My Little Ones This Month:  Focus on picking up after themselves and trying new foods.  I have realized my youngest eats 5 different meals.  This makes feeding him extremely complicated.  I always need to prepare a separate meal for him.  Not saying what he eats is complicated.  His diet consists of chicken fries and tater tots.  I would just prefer him to eat with the family and what the family is eating.

Next month I will let you know my progress on the goals I set!  Setting up realistic monthly goals is one of my goals for the year.  So far I feel I am on track!

 Set a goal, tell the world, walk your talk

5 Extra Tips to Help You Save

Through out my weaning process I have discovered more ways I can spend less.  Cutting out some of the financial fat is easier than you think!  I have gathered another list of tips to help you wean yourself off money.

1.  Unsubscribe or don’t bother opening those saving notifications.  The temptation alone can get you in trouble.  Victoria Secret is infamous for this!  Text, email and mail.  I swear every week they send at least one of each!  The stores I don’t frequent I removed myself from there email/text list.  The stores I go to regularly I have set up to go into a separate folder so I don’t have them staring at me when I open my email.


2.  Keeping focused on short term and long term goals.  I have my goals sheet.  These dreams and goals for my family are what keep me going.  Above you will notice my monthly goals.  An example of my medium term goal includes a really nice family trip.  An extremely long term goal of mine consists of retiring out of state.  May seem early to think of retirement but it is never too early.  I am in the process of researching how I need to achieve my retirement goal.  Yes I started saving years ago, but now the time has come to concentrate on how much I will need.


3.  Practice your cooking skills. I have grown to LOVE cooking. I am constantly pinning and posting recipes.  Creating a binder with the recipes I have tried and enjoyed helped out with my skills in a big way.  So I am not buying cook books, I created my own and filled the binder with ones I know the family has approved, plus I don’t mind making notes all over the pages.


4.  Giving up my Target addiction.  This one was hard.  When I was pregnant with my second, I would actually got to target and walk around as a night out.  I would make my significant other join me and we would walk around. Of course being there an unnecessary purchase was always made.  When I know I need only one thing from Target I buy the item online and pick it up at customer service.  I am in, out and focused.  Target pries on women with there vibrant colors and constantly changing sales.  They have it down to get you to Buy! Buy! Buy!  I avoid this tactic by buying the toilet paper I need online and still get that $10 gift card 😉  Winning!


5.  Stop comparing!  One of the obstacles I face daily is noticing what others have.  Between the beautiful homes I see on those wonderful home improvement shows to the new SUV with a separate DVD players for each row.  The key is to focus on you and only you.  Don’t compare!  Think of how unnecessary all those extras and upgrades are.  Or if you really want a home upgrade try a DIY project.  The finished project is way more rewarding.


These are just a few of the many little steps that can be taken to budget your life.  Make sure you read part 1 of this series to get some more weaning tips.  Please contact me if you have any questions about this post.  Thank you and happy budgeting!

Savings, Budgeting, Money

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4 thoughts on “How I Weaned Myself Off Money: 5 More Tips to Cut Back on Spending

  1. Yes sometimes those saving deals or coupons make you spend more. I got hooked up with buying clearance items few years ago and it is not considered saving. In the process of trying to save, I began to love cooking as well. I like your binder method. But you know I got some good quality cookbooks whenever our local library have their Fill Your bag Sale for $6.

    1. I need to look into our local library selling books. I live in a very small town, so they may not sell their books ever.

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