Our Rainy Day Inside

Our Rainy Day Inside

Last week my children had to experience a very rainy and cold spring break.  As a parent I felt bad they were not able to go outside and enjoy their time off.  One day I did have my eldest come to work with me.  She seemed to enjoy the overall experience.  She made a paperclip necklace, left little notes on my coworkers desks, and learned how to use a copy machine.  I still knew they needed at least one day filled with excitement.  Plus we were already three days into spring break and I had nothing planned.  The next day I came up with inexpensive (pretty much free) activities we could do inside which were actually entertaining for both of them.


Here is what we did during our rainy day inside:


Nerf Gun Fight:

We have a basket full of Nerf guns we have collected over the years.  And I happened to have bought bullets in bulk on black Friday off Amazon.  I usually only allow my youngest to have 3 bullets at a time since he losses or destroys them.  That day I made an exception and gave them the whole stash, about 100 bullets.  They went crazy!  We had an epic battle and they were so creative throughout the 2 hours spent using Nerf Guns.

Nerf Gun

Nerf Gun Target Practice:

The Nerf Gun use did not end with the battle.  The battle did completely wear them out.  So we decided to set up random toys we had and try and knock them down.  This was a great game and the kiddos were sharing, helping each other out and building awesome targets for each other.  Overall a great bonding moment.



Painting/Finger Painting:

Time to get messy!  I set up the easel in the kitchen and let their minds get creative.  My eldest used a paint brush, while my little guy used his fingers.  I love letting them paint.  They seem to always make something for me to hang up.  And each creation I cherish.  I am a sucker and have art work hung up all throughout the house.  I am not good at tossing their hard work in the trash.  What I need to do is come up with an organized place for the art, or try and replace an old painting with a new one.

Painting with little ones









Lunch Time!

Lunch time I offered them anything they wanted.  I was willing to make dreams come true.  If they would have said chocolate cake, I was going to make a cake.  My kids are full of surprises and chose sandwiches.  Simple salami, cheese, mayo sandwiches.  I was in shock but ran with it.  After lunch was full of more activities.  I could tell the morning was catching up with them and they were slowly fading.  Basically the morning was a success!


Ice Cream Social:

After lunch I let them create their own ice cream sundaes with whatever we had in the pantry.  Lots of sprinkles were used by my youngest!  They found marshmallows, caramel and peanut butter to be some of the other ingredients in their awesome ice cream creations.  I said they could use whatever they wanted and they definitely did.  Faces were a mess since we actually had ice cream cones in the house.  Well worth the clean up after seeing pure joy on their faces!


Spa Treatment:

Time for some relaxation.  My son was completely confused by this idea but later enjoyed his spa treatment.  First we put on mud masks.  My daughter has extremely sensitive skin and I was a little nervous about trying anything on her face.  We used all natural ingredients and boom no rash formed.  The next part of our spa treatment was a foot scrub.  I didn’t have a little tub or anything for each of our feet so I had to improvise.  I filled the bath tub with some warm water, lots of bubbles and almond oil (to make our feet nice and soft).  All three of us sat on the edge of the tub with our feet in the water.  My youngest thought this was the greatest thing EVER!  I scrubbed each of their feet, causing them to giggle uncontrollably.  Now that their feet were fresh and clean I gave them each a little pedicure.  My eldest received a gorgeous mint green polish, my youngest just got a trim (Dad tends to get upset if I paint his toes).



Movie Time:

I quick ran to grab a movie from Redbox.  After the long tiring day it was time to lay down and veg on some popcorn.  Yummy popcorn was consumed while we watched Storks together.  My son giggled continuously during the movie.  Side note: We actually ended up watching Storks 3 times before bringing it back the next day.  I enjoyed out family movie time.  I got to snuggle with two tired kiddos who had an amazing day!


The rain may have tried to ruin their spring break but with a little creativity we were able to have an epic day inside.  When the evening came the kiddos fell asleep before bedtime and slept in the next day.  Plus a major bonus of our rainy day inside was I didn’t have to spend a ton of money!  I was delighted with our day inside and felt like one proud Momma.


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