Your Opinion Really Does Matter!

Your Opinion Really Does Matter!

Plus can lead to freebies!

Ever have a terrible experience at a restaurant and leave wishing you would have said something?  Or an amazing connection with a sales person and wanted to let them know to keep up the good work!  If so make sure you share your thoughts next time.  Your opinion really does matter!  I never used to leave feedback about the service I received.  Now I feel obligated to make a business aware of their customer service and/or employees.

Your opinion really does matter!  The feedback helps a business improve on their overall customer service.  Plus a major bonus of voicing your opinion is receiving a thank you or an apology.  Then there are the businesses that comp you for your feedback.  My favorite part!  Who doesn’t like free???

Who doesn't love free stuff

When I’ve Voiced My Opinion:

I remember the first time I voiced my opinion.  Back when we still purchased books at a book store…  The next book in my series had been released that day and I was so excited to go to the bookstore and pick it up.  Unfortunately the bookstore did not share my joy and had not even unloaded the pallet of newly released books for the day.  I was so upset and immediately sent an email about my disappointment to corporate.  The next day I received a call from the store manager apologizing for the incident.  The manager then proceeded to let me know the book was ready to be picked up along with a $20.00 gift card.  I was ecstatic!

The key to influential feedback is be someone who voices their opinion when something is amazing and if something is terrible.  If you are always giving negative feedback, you are always going to be looking for the negative in a situation.  I set up a Yelp account a few years back.  The first time I gave someone 5 stars on Yelp I received a gift for my awesome feedback.  They thanked me in a super nice email and this was just a simple trampoline play place for my kiddos.  I was impressed with how they handled the kiddos and thought the place was well kept.  I wasn’t trying to receive anything free, I just wanted them to know how tremendous they were.

Another influential way I try to voice my opinion is through those surveys left at the table after a meal or on the phone when requested by the customer service rep.  Those kind you will never receive any gift but it still feels good to let them know how they are doing.  A lot of the time I think the survey helps the phone reps/servers if they ever have a review.

Most recently I had an unfortunate situation with a furniture dealer.  Left disappointed with the delivery (they delivered the wrong size bed), I had no choice but to contact the manager.  I sent an email with every detail of the delivery that occurred in my home and gave them a low rating on their Facebook page.  The only reason I left the rating on Facebook was because I noticed most of the reviews seemed dishonest and staged.  I wanted to leave genuine feedback.  They responded quickly and with WAY more apologies then needed.  I ended up receiving half my money back for my purchase!  This particular furniture store was newer and focused on keeping their ratings high.  I accepted the apology and removed my rating.  I did not leave a new rating since I still feel the business has major flaws.

Everyone loves to receive feedback on their blog posts.  Feedback is power and can lead to great connections.  There are so many benefits to speaking your mind!  Making a business better, feeling like you made a difference and of course receiving freebies!

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