Summer Reading Challenge

Mother Daughter (or son) Summer Reading Challenge

My eldest and I will be spending a lot of time together this summer.  She tends to look at summer as a time to sleep in, play on a tablet, visit with friends and anything else that does not require her to learn.  I want to help her grow as a reader over the summer by introducing a fun little reading challenge.  She has always struggled with reading and remembering what she just read.  The mother daughter summer reading challenge will allow me to encourage reading in a fun way.  The bonus being it’s just for us and will be a great bonding experience.


The Plan:

Read books together

I will be reading the same book as she does.  Kind of like having our own little book club.  She will pick out the first book, I will be picking the following and continuing the pattern.  This way she is not always able to pick super easy or super short books.

Add in discussion time

Every other day I will set aside special time for us to discuss what has happened.  Only about 10 minutes.  I have included a FREE PRINTOUT with some great topics/questions to discuss during our special time together.






















Mother Daughter Summer Book Club Discussion

Offer a reward

Every time we finish a book together we will have a mother daughter movie night or something to celebrate completing a book!  I actually have a jar of Mother/Daughter activities to grab out of!  This way what we end up doing together will always be a surprise.


The Total Goal:

After talking to my little one we came up with a total number of chapter books we would like to finish.  5 is our goal.  This may seem low to some but having a troubled reader, 5 books would be an amazing accomplishment.  Plus it is not the quantity of books, it’s the quality of knowledge gained.

If we meet our goal I will let her have the ultimate end of summer sleepover with some of her friends (sibling free).  I will be the host and attempt to make the sleepover EPIC!  Any ideas for the epic sleepover would be appreciated J


The Tips:

Utilize FREE resources for the books!  The Library!  Prime Membership!  Or if you need to purchase a book, BUY USED!  Amazon offers tons of books used at a way lower cost.

Having a Prime membership allows me to read a large variety of books for free.  So if she finds something she likes at the library I can check to see if my kindle offers the book for free.  If not I will check the used book price or the download cost.  Sometimes the book will only cost 99 cents.


I will be keeping you up to date throughout the summer about our Mother Daughter Summer Reading Challenge.  Please let me know if you are participating and your progress!  I would love to hear from you and any tips you may have for me.


Have an amazing summer and happy reading!

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