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So, you love audiobooks but do not want to pay the ridiculous prices?  I have the solution!

This girl has been addicted to audiobooks for quite some time. I first started listening to audio books through Amazon’s Audible!  I started with the free trial.  Which I highly suggest utilizing if you haven’t already.  This lead to them sending me an offer I just couldn’t turn down.  This gave me 12 credits for any book (price didn’t matter) and a year membership.  Once the membership ended I felt lost and had to turn to listening to the radio again.  I finally became sick of the same 10 songs and considered signing up for Audible again.  The price was a little steep for me and they had no special offers for me. 

One day I reached out to my local library and asked them if they had any books on tape.  My library referred me to their website.  On the website, I discovered my library had 4 different affiliations with audiobook apps.  Of course being addicted to audiobooks I downloaded all 4 apps immediately and searched for books I previously saved on my Audible wish list.  Some I found and some I did not.

Here are the 4 resources I discovered my library was affiliated with:

  • Axis
  • OverDrive
  • Libby– This one I noticed I didn’t even need to enter my library card.  They offer you the option to sign up for a library card with them!
  • RB Digital – Available on the App store only

Strong Suggestion:

If you have never signed up for Audible…. DO IT!  Utilize the special offer they have for new members.


If you choose to sign up for Audible and find a book you really want to use a credit on, check the library audio book options first!  This way you do not waste a credit on a title you can listen to for FREE!


The cheapest option of all!  Don’t even tempt yourself by signing up for Audible.  Only look at the audiobooks you can enjoy for FREE!  My library affiliates offer plenty of books I am willing to listen to.

Please make sure to visit my listing of must “reads” to see what I am listening to!

Also if you are looking for more ways to earn freebies check out my blog about your opinion and how it matters! Your Opinion Matters

Some of my favorite titles include:

  • A Kingdom of Exiles – click here
  • The Lunar Chronicles – click here
    • Cinder
    • Scarlet
    • Cress
    • Winter
The Lunar Chronicles
  • Beautiful Bastard – click here
  • Stalking Jack the Ripper – click here
Stalking jack the ripper
  • Girl Wash Your Face – click here
Girl Wash Your Face

Now that you have established what audiobooks you plan on reading for free, or for a low fee through Amazon’s Audible, you need a great (low cost) pair of headphones. I searched high and low for a great pair of noise canceling headphones. Finally after reading countless reviews I found the perfect pair.

I only paid 19.99 when I purchased my set. There was a COUPON TAG. Make sure you ALWAYS click the coupon tag or you will not receive the discount. I just checked and currently there is an $8.00 Coupon. This makes them even less than before! Click Here if interested!

Image result for Mpow H7

I typically wear these around the house doing dishes, laundry, while cooking and any other time I find myself wanting to get caught up in a brilliant story. This is my favorite escape from the constant noise radiating from my household. Haha… 3 kids, 2 cats and a dog can produce a lot of sounds. This doesn’t even include when I have foster animals residing in my household.

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