The Nest Thermostat Really Does Pay for Itself

Nest thermostat

I did not believe the hype but the deal was just too good to pass up. The Nest Thermostat really does pay for itself.

Only 4 months in and I have already saved $88.00!

I decided to buy into a great deal I just couldn’t pass up.  The Nest Thermostat E.  This thermostat is everywhere and had some pretty significant reviews.

There are 2 versions.  One being the Nest Learning thermostat (the more expensive one) and the Nest Thermostat E (The one I purchased) the more budget friendly version.

Nest Learning Thermostat is on average (with no deal) — $249.00

  • Multiple color options
  • Compatible with more HVAC systems. ~10%
  • Made from premium materials
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Far-sight technology (display automatically lights when it detects you in the room) Though I have the budget friendly version and it does light up when you are near.

Nest Thermostat E (with no deal) — $169.00

  • Less expensive
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Has almost all the same features as the Learning Nest

I have now had the thermostat for a little over 5 months.  I made the plunge based off word of mouth. Someone stated purchasing one will pay for itself.

Well it is TRUE!  For once I bought a product that didn’t fail me.

I am happy I purchased the cheaper version through my electric company.  Plus, I received a free Google Home Mini (still in the box)… but non-the less free.

Installation was easy and you can control the thermostat from anywhere! 

For installation I watched a YouTube video. Installation was beyond simple. As long as your thermostat wiring is compatible you are golden. There is a questionnaire on the Nest website to check compatibility. Make sure you do this first prior to ordering.

Controlling the Nest from anywhere on your phone is a major bonus! Some may find this nerve wrecking.  Or like a “Big Brother” situation. I am not one to think about this. If they want to listen in and know what is going on in your household. They will find a way.

For those of use who enjoy technology and don’t fret….

The Nest Thermostat has other bonuses besides basic temperature changes.

For instance I received a notice from Nest informing me to check my furnace and maybe change the filter. Our furnace had been acting funny and the Nest caught it!

The Nest Thermostat really does pay for itself
Before Nest and After Nest

This chart compares the charges I received the prior year during the winter verse this winter. The winter by me is extremely harsh this year vs. last year. So this may not seem like a huge difference but with the temperatures being -50 vs. 25 degrees, I am thrilled there is a decrease at all. I have yet to have an increase.

If the temperatures were not dramatically lower this year the energy cost would show more significant differences.

November being fall showed a major difference. This is what I expect to see more of once Spring is here.

The Nest Thermostat really does pay for itself

This is just 4 Months of use. I will be updating this as time goes on and have a full year comparison.

As of now the Nest is working efficiently. Saving energy daily with it’s little green leaf. The Nest Thermostat really does pay for itself!

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The Nest Thermostat really does pay for itself

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