This is Me

Hi there, my name is Mehgan!  Thank you for hanging out and viewing a little more about me.

I am currently a full-time working mom.  I recently had my third kiddo and am making the transition to making a name for myself.  This journey for me has just begun and I cannot wait to see where this path takes me.  I have always wanted to start my own blog; constantly finding an excuse not to dive in.  Once I realized I had this passion I needed to fulfill I started my new adventure.


Why budgeting?

I am amazing at it!  I have a strong background in the financial industry and felt sharing my personal experiences was the perfect route.  I have brought myself to a stable financial place without doing anything crazy.  Simple lifestyle changes so my family and I are still able to enjoy the world around us.

My little ones keep me busy! busy! busy!  So, I just want to help other moms juggle motherhood, work, finances and everything in-between!


Some interesting info about me:

  • I am obsessed with cheese fries and nachos with lots of cheese!  I love cheese!
  • I am the mom that likes to meal plan and try new dinner options as often as possible.  I have a grocery store ritual: same time, same place, same path (Forgetting something is the worst for me).
  • I do not go a day without coffee!
  • A good book is my happy place!

Thank you and happy reading!